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Arkansas Abortion Amendment!

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Arkansas Right to Life is currently engaged in the toughest battle yet for the lives of our unborn children in Arkansas. In November a group calling themselves “For AR People,” formed a ballot question committee,“Arkansans for Limited Government,” to place an amendment on the 2024 ballot to legalize abortion. 

In late December Arkansas Right to Life announced our Decline to Sign Campaign to ask all Arkansans unwilling to sign a death warrant on innocent unborn children to POLITELY Decline to Sign when approached. Canvassers are actively circulating the Arkansas Abortion Amendment across the state. They must have 90,704 registered voter signatures by July 5 to qualify for the November ballot.

The Arkansas Abortion Amendment would forever institutionalize abortion in the Arkansas’ Constitution and gut Amendment 68 which says it’s the policy of the state of Arkansas to protect unborn babies from conception until birth.

We urgently request your help by joining the DECLINE TO SIGN campaign! We are unwavering in our commitment to fight against this deceitful abortion amendment and will utilize every pro-life resource to ensure its defeat, but we need your help!

What YOU can do to help us prevent the pro-abortion organizations from successfully gathering petition signatures:

1. Do NOT sign and urge everyone you know not to sign!

2. Please make a generous donation or monthly pledge to Arkansas Right to Life at or mail to Box 1697, Little Rock, AR 72203.

3. Spread the word to all your family, friends, and pastor.

4. Peaceful witness. Please be respectful at all times, but speak the truth to change hearts and minds of the canvasser and the public.

5. PRAY for Arkansas Right to Life. Your prayers under gird our work and are essential to victory for unborn babies and their mothers.

6. Write or call your local media to tell your community why you are NOT signing the petition to kill unborn babies.

                                                WHY YOU SHOULDN’T SIGN

  • The Arkansas Abortion Amendment would enshrine limitless abortion up until the moment of birth.

  • If adopted, the proposed measure would render many current laws protecting the unborn, protecting parental rights, and protecting the pregnant mother null and void.

  • If this ballot measure is adopted it would make it impossible and illegal to pass any common-sense protections for the unborn child or her mother in the future.

  • At 5 months (18 weeks) gestation, the unborn child has met many milestones of development and is capable of feeling pain.

  • Amending our state constitution is not only expensive but dangerous!

  • It is not in the best interest of women, children, families, and the future of our state to pass the Arkansas Abortion Amendment.

NOW IS THE TIME FOR ACTION! Arkansas Right to Life cannot overcome this challenge without your support. We know that we will be outspent. But we have truth and God on our side.  All Arkansans who want to protect unborn babies and their mothers must take a stand and join us in this fight for their lives…together, we can and will make a difference!  Decide today to do something and then do it.

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