Help Bring Down the Walls of the Culture of Death!

“The Lord gave this command to Joshua Son of Nun: Be strong and Courageous, for you will bring the Israelites into the land I promised them on oath, and I myself will be with you.” – Deuteronomy 31

Our camp bears the name of Joshua because, just as he transformed character into action, we want you to be formed in your pro-life convictions and able to live them out to others in word and deed so as to save lives and bring down the walls of the culture of death.

Arkansas Camp Joshua (ACJ) is a three-day camp designed to train students ages 13-19 to be effective pro-life leaders. It covers all the basics of pro-life issues in classes and hands-on workshops. You’ll visit the State Capitol, play interactive games, enjoy good food, and do other activities.

– Dynamic speakers and interactive games

– Hang out with friends from around the state

– Connect with pro-life leaders

For more information visit or call (501) 663-4237.

Note: Arkansas Camp Joshua is not a “Bible camp.” Joshua is used as a model of character and action.