A Dumpster is no place for a BABY! Help us save babies with our Safe Haven Baby Box Billboard Campaign

The Safe Haven Law is in place to provide a safe way to surrender your healthy newborn without fear of criminal prosecution.   Fire Stations, Police Stations and Hospitals are trained to be a Safe Haven for your newborn when you just don’t know what else to do.   Safe Haven Baby Boxes allow for the anonymous surrender of infants for those mothers who desire it.  The Safe Haven Law protects mothers and infants, when the mother cannot parent her child.  Infants will be placed in the care of the Department of Human Services and soon adopted by a forever family.

Arkansas Right to Life is launching a billboard campaign in all 75 counties to raise awareness of the Safe Haven Law and to encourage safe surrender of infants to authorized surrender locations.

We will be announcing the location of the first working Safe Haven Box in Arkansas soon!  

If you’d like to help save babies through this educational billboard campaign please contact our state office at 501-663-4237 or email artl4237@att.net. You can donate online at www.artl.org or mail your tax-deductible gift to:

Arkansas Right to Life

P O Box 1697

Little Rock, AR 72203-1697

Make checks payable to Arkansas Right to Life Educational Trust Fund (ARTL ETF) and note: Billboard Campaign on your check on online. 

Thank You!