How They Voted

HB1032/Act 45  The Arkansas Unborn Child Protection From Dismemberment Abortion Act.

HB 1185/Act 168  An act to amend the laws concerning a fetal death certificate and registration of termination of pregnancy.

HB 1428/Act 383  An Act to amend laws concerning unlawful abortion; to amend laws concerning the prodecure of denial, suspension, or revocation of a health facilities service license; to amend the laws regarding abortion clinics.

HB 1434/Act 733  An act to create the sex discrimination by abortion prohibition act.

HB 1566/Act 603  To amend the provisions of law concerning the disposition of fetal remains.

HB 2024/Act 1018 To amend law regarding maintenance of forensic samples from abortion on a child.

SB 148/Act 392  An act to create Born-Alive infant protection.

SB 340/Act 385 To create the wrongful birth civil liability protection act.