It's never easy saying goodbye

The Board of Arkansas Right to Life, Executive Director Rose Mimms and the entire pro-life community in Arkansas and the nation mourn the loss of our good friends, Dr. Jean Garton in December and former Congressman Jay Dickey in April.  Their unwavering love and dedication to the protection of life will never be forgotten.

91st AR General Assembly Pro-Life Report

Please click on Political Action for the 91st AR General Assembly Pro-Life Report and How They Voted.  Arkansas Right to Life scored 7 Pro-Life votes and report the full voting record on each vote.  It is important to note how your elected AR Senator and State Representative voted on pro-life legislation and to contact them to Thank them for supporting pro-life laws or to ask them to explain their vote if they didn't.  

We will be calling on you for help! But please make sure that it is ARKANSAS RIGHT TO LIFE before you make a pledge!

We did it!    But now, those who support ripping the bodies of unborn children apart are threatening a court challenge to keep it legal! 

Legal Memorandum Refutes Claims About Act 45 the Arkansas Unborn Child Protection From Dismemberment Abortion Act

A new legal memorandum released on Monday, February 6, 2017 by National Right to Life Committee refutes false claims being spread on social media about Arkansas Act 45, the Arkansas Unborn Child Protection from Dismemberment Abortion Act.  

Act 45 prevents one gruesome type of abortion, an abortion which dismembers the living unborn child.

Thank you Governor Asa Hutchinson!

Governor Asa Hutchinson has signed the Arkansas Unborn Child Protection From Dismemberment Abortion Act into law!  HB1032 by Representative Andy Mayberry and Senator David Sanders is now ACT 45 of 2017.  

Visit Politcal Action and click on How They Voted to see the Voting Record for the AR House and AR Senate and to read the legislation that will prohibit the dismemberment abortion procedure in Arkansas.

Abortions DOWN in Arkansas!

The 2015 Induced Aboriton data is now available at from the Arkansas Department of Health website.  The good news is that abortions in many categories are DOWN from the 2014 report!

Medication Abortion Reversal

It is a fact that women often regret an abortion, sometimes immediately following the procedure.  But for women undergoing the medication/medical/chemical abortion using the RU486 method, there is hope! The Culture of Life Family Services offers a website that has a nurse on call 24/7, a toll-free telephone number (877) 558-0333, and a network of 200 participating physicians around the country trained to effectively reverse the abortion in most cases.