National Right to Life, in coordination with Christian Creative Media and WatchSalemMedia.Com, will stream the Play, “Viable,” beginning on Mother’s Day through June 10, 2020.*

If you attended Viable when it toured Arkansas last fall you know how powerful this play is.

If you missed it NOW IS YOUR CHANCE to watch it from the comfort of your home for as many times as you wish during this special event!

The Viable Play is a simple-but-powerful story-line that captures an unforgettable moment as an aborted child visits her mother in a dream nearly 30 years later. Attempting to ward off guilt, grieving, and shame and protect her own emotional stability amidst post-abortion trauma, the post-abortive mother has clung to and espoused pro-abortion rhetoric for three decades to justify her choice.

Cost to watch the Viable Play online is $19.99 and is viewable on a smart TV or computer. Your participation will assist Arkansas Right to Life in our ongoing efforts in the protection of human life.

Click here to purchase your ticket!

*May not be appropriate for children under 12 years old. Parental guidance suggested.

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