Mary Rose Doe

April 28, 1983

"A Perfect Little Bud - clipped before she blossomed."

In memory of those lived lost through abortion.


On April 28, a baby girl was found, legally aborted, and tossed into a drainage ditch in Little Rock. She weighed 5 pounds, was 7 months in gestation, 16 inches long, had a full head of auburn hair, brown eyes, and ivory skin. Given a Christian burial by North Pulaski Right to Life, Chapter of Arkansas Right to Life, Mary Rose has touched our hearts, and none of us will ever forget her.


In 1985, the first "Mary Rose Doe" award presented to journalist Mike Masterson, who followed her death and burial, and helped, through his recognition of her as a person, to grant her the "personhood" that the United States Supreme Court denied her and countless other victims through their 1973 Roe vs. Wade decision. 


Each year Arkansas Right to Life gives the award  to honor an individual who had "gone that extra mile" in their work and efforts on behalf of the unborn children. It is a small way of the Right to Life movement telling Mary that we love her and that we will always remember her, and that her brief little life was not in vain. 


1985  Mike Masterson 

1987  Asa Hutchinson & John Deering 

1988  Jacki Ragan

1989  Kathy Nauman 

1990  Ken Hiegel

1991  Bishop Andrew J. McDonald & Anne Dierks

1993  Representative Frank Willems

1994  Tina Chipman

1995  Paul  Greenberg

1996  Father Tom Keller & Carol Thomas

1997  Ann Covey

1998  Father Richard Savary

1999  Leon Holmes

2000  Mary Louise Simon

2001  Jay Dickey & Rose Mimms

2002  Dr. Orman Simmons

2003  Bob Burr & Jody Jordan 

2004  Debora Griffin 

2005  Fay Boozman 

2006  Governor Mike Huckabee

2007  Father Joseph Nielson, OCD

2008  Dr. Jean Garton

2009  Senator Bobby Glover

2010  Wayne Wadley 

2011  Maria Maldonado

2012  No Award Given

2013  No Award Given

2014  No Award Given

2015 No Award Given

2016 Attorney General Leslie Rutledge

2017 No Award Given