Crosses for Life Memorial Outreach

The Crosses for Life Memorial outreach is a travelling display of approximately 4,000 small white crosses (most wooden, some plastic) to depict the number of unborn children killed daily by legal abortion in the United States.  This memorial began as an outreach of the Benton County Right to Life Chapter of Arkansas Right to Life under the direction and supervision of Stella and Wayne Wadley of Bentonville. Arkansas Right to Life has now assumed the responsibility of scheduling and maintaining the Crosses for Life Memorial ourteach ministry.  The Crosses for Life comes with specific banners to be used with the display and specific instructions on the layout, a detailed plan on how to assemble, care for and disassemble the display and correctly load the trailer.  Anyone scheduling the use of this outreach will be instructed on its use..  

Arkansas Right to Life schedules the display throughout Arkansas during the months of March through November.  Due to extreme weather conditions in the winter months, it is detrimental to the display to schedule during the months of December, January and February.

The display can be hosted by churches, Right to Life groups and others ministries that help to promote the sanctity of human life and educate the general public on the toll that legal abortion has taken on our nation since the legalization of abortion in 1973.

Each hosting group is asked to include an ecumenical Dedication Service upon the completion of the set up or on the next day and invite area churches, issue a press release and agree to make a $250 donation  to Arkansas Right to Life for the expenses associated with maintaining and transporting the display.  A $100 deposit will be paid upon delivery of the Crosses for Life trailer that will be refunded if the trailer is picked up in the same condition as it was received.

We are also interested in eventually replacing all the wooden crosses with plastic that have shown to be much more sturdy and durable than the wooden crosses, but come at a greater cost to build.  Any group willing to build additional crosses for the Crosses for Life display should contact Rose Mimms, Executive Director of Arkansas Right to Life at 501-663-4237 or email  All help is greatly appreciated!  This would be an excellent service project for Eagle Scout candidates or Men's Clubs or Knights of Columbus Councils.

While the daily number of abortions continues to decline to now approximately 3,700 daily, the display can be tailored to fit almost any statistic that you wish to commemorate in your community: the # of abortions during a specific time frame (ex. 2015), or specific procedure (D&E or medication) in Arkansas.  We can even give you the number of abortions by residence of AR counties.  There are also a large number of women who come to Arkansas from out of state to obtain abortions here.  

There are also a number of special days throughout the year that could be the educational emphasis for the Crosses for Life display:

Mother's Day (mother's who abort their children are still mothers, and they often suffer years of regret and remorse over the abortion decision)

Father's Day (fathers of unborn children grieve too and even husbands have no say so when it comes to the decision to abort their child)

Independence Day (the unborn have no birthday to celebrate in the greatest free country in the world)

Memorial Day (the unborn are American's too who have no freedom to live)

Labor Day (the financial impact of abortion on our economy)

Arkansas Right to Life : Crosses for Life Memorial


To schedule the Crosses for Life Memorial at your church or in your community or for more information contact Arkansas Right to Life at 501-663-4237 or email