41st Annual March for Life Sunday, January 20, 2019


December 10, 2018                                       Rose Mimms 501-663-4237 


41st Annual March for Life


2018 Arkansas General Election Results

The Heart of Arkansas beats for Life!

All of the AR U.S. House members are PRO-LIFE!

All of the Arkansas Constitutional officials are PRO-LIFE!

The Arkansas House of Representatives consists of 76 Republicans and 24 Democrats - and the Arkansas Senate consists of 26 Republicans and 9 Democrats maintaining a PRO-LIFE majority in the General Assembly.

Of the 48 candidates endorsed by Arkansas Right to Life PAC - 43 won election!

For more information on election results visit https://www.sos.arkansas.gov

Petit Jean Meats Company Fundraiser

Arkansas Right to Life is pleased to announce a year round fundraising opportunity with Petit Jean Meats Company!  Visit them today at http://www.petitjeanmeats.com/  For all your gift giving and holiday meal plans.  Turkey and Ham aren't just for the holidays!  Enjoy!  Thank you.

Legal Memorandum Refutes Claims About Act 45 the Arkansas Unborn Child Protection From Dismemberment Abortion Act

A new legal memorandum released on Monday, February 6, 2017 by National Right to Life Committee refutes false claims being spread on social media about Arkansas Act 45, the Arkansas Unborn Child Protection from Dismemberment Abortion Act.  

Act 45 prevents one gruesome type of abortion, an abortion which dismembers the living unborn child.