Black Americans for Life

The genocide threat to African-Americans continues to be one of the most significant problems facing Black Americans. Tragically, Black women have an abortion rate three times higher than white women and many abortion clinics are located in predominantly Black areas. Since 1973, over 14 million Black babies have been aborted, which is equal to the combined populations of eight Mid-western states. The number of abortions in the African-American Community is even more frightening when it is compared to the total number of deaths from all other causes combined. Since 1973, about 8 million African-Americans have died from heart disease, diabetes, auto accidents, cancer, aids, etc.

Black Americans for Life (BAL) is working with other pro-life African-American groups and individuals to help provide special educations material to help Black Americans recognize the threat of Black genocide posed by abortion. Black Americans for Life in conjunction with the National Black Catholic Apostolate for Life sponsors the annual national program called Abortion Awareness Month in the African American Community during the month of June to help educate African-Americans about the devastating effect abortion is having on their communities. Special "Stop Black Genocide" flyers and bumper stickers are available through the Outreach Department of National Right to Life or you can contact Arkansas Right to Life’s African-American Outreach for materials and speaking requests.

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National Black Catholic Apostolate for Life
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