Action Alert


US CapitolThe 2017 legislative priority for Arkansas Right to Life will be to ban dismemberment abortions in Arkansas.  Please help us to end this common and brutal form of abortion used to kill unborn children after 12 weeks.  This method is referred to as D&E (dilation and evacuation).  The description of what happens to the developing unborn child is horrific and the petition and accompanying literature should be used with extreme caution.

Please download the petition, available in Letter size (8-1/2 x 11) and copy it freely.  This petition campaign will end December 31, 2016.   Please speak to your AR State Representative, AR State Senator and Governor Hutchinson to ask them to support the Ban on Dismemberment Abortion.

Return signed petitions to:

Arkansas Right to Life
P.O. Box 1697
Little Rock, AR 72203

For more information, call us at 501.663.4237.

Thank you!