Abortion Pill Reversal bill passes AR Senate!


SB341 by Senator Missy Irvin (R-D18) and Representative Dr. Joe Cloud (R-D71) will amend the Woman's Right to Know Act of 2015 to include more information concerning abortion pill reversal.  The abortion pill (RU 486) also known as medication or medical abortion is a two pill drug regimen that occurs over a period of days.  If a pregnant woman takes the first pill and then changes her mind about continuing the abortion procedure she can choose to contact abortion pill reversal and locate a doctor who can treat her with progesterone and possibly save the pregnancy.  The method is success rate is about 68%.  It is a second "choice" that could save her baby!  Since abortion pill reversal began 10 years ago 500 babies have been born and 150 more are on the way.  Women in Arkansas deserve to know!

The AR House will take up the bill next week. Please contact your AR State Representative and ask him/her to vote FOR SB341.